“Finding the right candidate has nothing to do with luck. Its about using the right tools at the right moment.”​


Based in Basel, Switzerland, the Performance Finder GmbH is providing companies with a new way of employee recruitment by using the SARA recruitment engine. SARA stands for Software for Anonymized Recruitment Analytics. The system itself has its roots in and  drives it’s inspiration from professional baseball and football. Thats why we from Performance Finder call SARA the little sister of Sabermetrics.

This system itself gives companies the opportunity to select candidates based on objective criteria rather than prejudice and a gut feeling. We from Performance Finder are interested in giving companies an advantage on the recruitment market by providing a tool, which finds ideal candidates faster, cheaper and more sustainable than any other existing recruitment process. On top of that, SARA will automatically boost the individual employer branding. We see it as our duty to support jobseekers on the market as well. This is where the SARA system provides some nice features to help find the so called “dream-job”​ faster… What these features are? For example we provide EVERY candidate who drops out of the recruitment process with individual feedback.

Besides recruiting, the Performance Finder GmbH is also providing its clients with diverse consultancy services specialised on:

  • Employer Branding
  • Investment in Start-Ups
  • Market research

We are not interested in the industry itself. What matters is a good idea backed up with solid analytical research. We advise our clients based on analytical objectivity. Any other kind of decision making is something we leave for our competitors. And so should you!

If you want to know more, feel free to send us an email: info@performancefinder.ch