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The first recruitment process that finds high-performing candidates and increases employer branding whilst helping employees find a job.

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A new technology for the HR industry

Performance Finder

Making companies more efficient

Performance Finder is a recruitment application that allows companies to make recruitment decisions based on objective criteria. Performance Finder uses the same principles as SARA, a recruiting system developed by sports statisticians for private companies. Companies that use Performance Finder enjoy a strategic advantage over their competitors in the fight for one of the most valuable assets ever – employees.

Perfection is relative

In order to be able to make the right decisions during a recruitment process, candidates must be objectively compared with each other. Since today’s applications do not allow this, Performance Finder have developed a tool that makes this possible, SARA. SARA measures candidates according to four main factors:

  1. basic requirements
  2. skills
  3. experience
  4. expectations

Therefore, SARA allows companies to see a variety of potential roles for each applicant,

Facts instead of prejudices

Moneyball for companies

Moneyball/Sabermetrics has become a standard/requirement in high-performance sports,  but it is not being used in the private sector.

Data protection

Data protection is a priority and a requirement

The protection of personal data is essential. To protect this, the EU has adopted a new Data Protection Act (DSGVO 2016/679). This law comes into effect in May 2018 and are strictly adhered to by the Performance Finder GmbH.


Due to outdated technologies, today’s recruitment processes no longer review all applications. This damages companies recruitment results and is a missed branding opportunity, because candidates do not have as positive an experience of the company as is possible.

For job seekers

We find sour dream job

Performance Finder has been designed to actively support job-seekers. We cut out the repetition and send you objective feedback.

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